Pert & Professional Brassiere


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Posture correction x anti-aging

Creates beautiful body lines enhancing the bone structure. No feelings of tightness even when significant corrections are being made. Soft on the skin for long-term comfort.


【Product Description】

Correct posture is essential to a woman's beauty. This brassiere is the culmination of a combination of technologies developed by the Beauty Posture Lab, experts in posture adjustment for many years. Its patented structure (Patent No. 5444295) pulls the shoulder blades gently downward, stretching the back muscles considerably while supporting and lifting the bust. The broad side belt holds in excess underarm flesh and avoids unnatural looking ridges on the back. The underbelt provides comfortable support to the bust, as does the 3-step hook. It might look like just a brassiere, but it is a masterpiece that can change your whole appearance.





・Specialized brassiere that maintains beautiful posture. Its patented structure (Patent No. 5444295) pulls the shoulder blades downward, encouraging beautiful posture and supporting the bust.

・3/5 cup that beautifully enhances cleavage and neckline.

・Simple design prevents seams from sticking out under clothing.

・Wires cushioned to be gentle on skin and prevent pain even when worn for long durations.


・Sides rise high to hold in excess underarm flesh.

・Wider side belt than a conventional brassiere designed to hold in pesky excess underarm flesh.

・Patented structure lowers shoulder blades and supports the bust, with the underbelt assisting the shoulder straps for a much greater sense of stability.

・3-step hook supports bust and underarms

・Nano-tape adheres to the skin to prevent slippage



Nylon, polyurethane, etc.


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