Plamine IKIIKI Supplement

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Fermented soybean food (BG-21 Lactic acid bacteria supplement)
Efficacy: Improve the intestinal environment
A stable intestinal environment supplement that allows you to take all the following three at the same time.

1. 21 kinds of lactic acid bacteria,2. Bifidobacterium, 3. Contains about 5 billion pieces Lactic acid bacteria.
1. Made of domestic organic soybeans, 2. Good protein material, 3. Amino acids, plant fiber, 4. Vitamins, polyphenols, 5. Oligosaccharide
1. Directly act on Intestinal environment lactic acid bacteria producing. 2. Contains short chain fatty acids

It is recommended for those who have such worries:
● Who want to improve intestinal environment ●It became harder to lose weight as getting order
● Feeling like short of sleep everyday ● worry about the halitosis and body odor ● worry about the condition of skin

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