Plamine MINAMOTO Supplement

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Care the core of body with Essential Minerals and Kalahari watermelon juice.
Marina crystal minerals (MCM): Marine Chemistry Co., Ltd.
MCM contains of more than 100 kinds of minerals, which had been chelated and ionized. The constitutes of the mineral ingredient are exactly same as body fluids, so it is easy to be absorbed by body.
 Patented ingredient Patent No. 3247620

Kalahali watermelon: Euglena Co.,Ltd.
Karahali Watermelon
11 times stronger than citrulline alone
Mysterious ingredients support healthy everyday
 Patented ingredient Patent No. 3843298

It is recommended for those who have the following troubles.
● Cannot sleep well                ● Easy to get frustrated
● Cannot stay focused              ● Easy to catch a bold
● Nails are easily cracked and have no gloss on it
● Worried about the dryness        ● Want to keep skin moisturized
● Feeling aging sign               ● sensitive to cold
● Get tired easily                 ● Easy to swell

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