Sexy & Sophisticated Girdle


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Color: purple

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【Product Description】

A girdle is the must-have item for every woman who wants to maintain a beautiful body line through the changes of age. The belt running from front to back gently holds in the abdomen and supports the sacrum in the center of the pelvis to lift and straighten the hips. The openings for the legs have a hem design with sewn edges that do not fold back, preventing them from getting caught in the outerwear and presenting a beautiful shape whether in pants or dressed up for a special occasion. The waistband is made of elastic materials to avoid getting stuck and to allow for easy removal of the undershorts.


・Easy to put on and take off, with materials that spread evenly around the waist with rounded fabric to reduce chafing in this area.
・Belt running from front to back gently holds in the abdomen and provides greater stability to the pelvis by supporting the sacrum.

3D structure wraps around the hips to provide an attractive rounded shape, with hip-raising panels than provide an excellent lift.

Hides well underneath outerwear with its carefully hemmed leg openings that prevent unnatural ridges and bumps as well as reducing slippage.


Nylon, polyurethane, etc.

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