ZiRu Zlet MORE Breast Care Essence

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Increases the fat content in the breasts , bring firmness and elasticity your breasts.

Made using carefully-selected ingredients. A bust care product that pursues a higher level of reliability and safety

ZiRu Zlet MORE is a premium bust care essence that has been developed as a result of repeated research and testing about female beauty over many years.
Using carefully selected-ingredients and our proprietary technology, we avoid antiseptics and synthetic preservatives as much as possible to take safety and usefulness up a notch.

It plentifully contains porphyrin, which is attracting attention as a next-generation bust care ingredient, and other special beauty ingredients.
It provides suppleness, gloss, and moisture, which are essential for attractive busts, to lead you to the bust that you desire.

After more than 10 years of research and development in Japan, it uses pure natural plant extracts without hormones and hormone-like ingredients to make the breasts grow naturally. It is safe and reassuring! Not only increases breast fat but also improves skin elasticity, lustre and texture. More importantly, it has the effects of lifting, firming, moisturizing and whitening. It is a comprehensive high-end breast care essence.

Essence /40ml

Apply every morning and evening. Before going out, after bathing and before going to bed! Pour 2-3 drops of the essence on your palm and apply it evenly in a circular motion from the outside of the breast to the centre! Apply not only to the breast but also to the lower part of the collarbone. No need for massage!

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